Kaco is a cross-chain DEX based on the Binance Smart Chain(BSC). It will help Binance Smart Chain Ecological projects to start up, provide liquidity, cross-chain, etc.


Exchange tokens instantly: no registration or account required.

Low Fees

Why pay more transaction fees? KACO chose to run on the Binance Smart Chain because the transaction fees here are much lower than Ethereum and Bitcoin. And the transaction fees are also lower than other top decentralized exchanges, which can save you a lot of fees!


Directly link to your wallet to trade in the app. Unlike centralized exchanges such as Binance or Coinbase, KACO does not hold your funds when you trade: You own 100% of the cryptocurrency.

Earning Revenue

Earn $KAC at a super high interest rate on the farm

Earning KAC on the Farm

Stake LP tokens to earn KAC. Your exposure to market volatility risk will be higher than holding currency, but the high annual interest rate obtained from it is sufficient to offset this part of the risk.

Earning Transaction Fees

No corresponding farm pool? No problem. Even if there is no suitable trading pair on the Farms page, you are earning transaction fees when you put your tokens into the liquidity pool (LP).
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