NFT Fragmented Trading Tutorial
NFT 100 introduction to web features
1、Introduction to NFT100 interface
 — Enter the KACO NFT page: https://kaco.finance/
Click "Connect Wallet" in the upper right corner to connect the wallet
Click "Next" to connect the wallet
— Go to KACO NFT page
— View project NFT information in Markets
— Buy a NFT or mutiple NFTs directly
— View NFT in wallet

Introduction to NFT fragmentation

— Connect the wallet with NFT, and select the NFT which is not rare to be fragmented in the wallet. Take KACO's NFT as an example, click the "Mint" button to fragment them into 100 KKACs. Fragmentation of an NFT will charge 5% of the casting fee, and you will get 95 KKACs in your account. You can create the LP by $KKAC and $KAC and do the liquidity mining.
— Please note that if you have what you think is a rare NFT in your wallet, and you also want to participate in the fragmented LP liquidity mining, you can choose to add a time lock limit to the rare NFT. In the time lock limit setting, you can choose the lock time (minimum 1 day, maximum 30 days), and the time lock can be cast back to the NFT in advance before it expires.
Note: the time lock is redeemable for everyone after it expires, please retrieve it in advance
— Choose to forge NFT and determine the number of KNFT in the wallet to meet the exchange limit (100 KNFT tokens can be exchanged back to NFT) to redeem the NFT works in the pool or retrieve the locked NFT in advance

BSC Smart Chain KACO Liquidity Mining Tutorial

Trading tokens on KACO

  • If you only have a single token in your wallet, you can exchange it on KACO
Since tokens may have poor liquidity or require a fixed slippage value for trading, trading slippage needs to be set
  • Create Token Liquidity
  • Select "Liquidity" to add liquidity
  • Choose two tokens and quantity to add liquidity
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  • Click the button below to submit and wait for the transaction to be successful before going to mining

LP Token Staking Tutorial

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